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Hello guys. I spent a lot o time trying to solo the game, but I realized that is harder than I thought and I need more experience with the game.

I will start a new game, party run ( in veteran). For a party I want to be able to tank, but not only a meatshield.

So I have two ideas. The first one would be an Unbroken/Lifegiver, to act like a support tank. My other idea (and the one I am more inclined to take) is an Unbroken/Stalker, I like the ranger class, and with this I expect to do a good dps with high criticals.

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I don't have much experience with either multiclass but here are some thoughts:

Unbroken/Lifegiver could also be a damage-dealer with powerful DoTs (Insect Swarm, Infestation of Maggots, Plague of Insects) bolstered by high ACC: plus hit-to-crit (Disciplined Barrage) or bonus INT and PL (Tactical Barrage). Druids that aren't based on shifting or elemental spells will generally want to use the Spine of Thicket Green (two-handed weapon) for its PL bonuses, which would negate Unbroken's shield bonus: Tactical Barrage would help offset the PL differential. Shifting into the animal form would have the same issue since it uses two weapons.

Unbroken/Stalker seems alright on paper. You could use a Bashing shield (Magran's Blessing is easy to get) alongside Two-Weapon and Weapon-and-Shield styles; the shield's damage isn't much (iirc Community Patch fixes it) but it will give you two opportunities for Full Attacks. You'll probably want to use weapons that support a tanky playstyle while also offering on-crit effects. Stalker's Patience and Mohora Tanga (Spear), Last Word (War Hammer), Griffin's Blade and Duskfall (Swords), and so on.

That being said, I worry how you would utilize Ranger's Bond abilities. Marked for The Hunt is nice for recovering Bond points but the bounce is erratic, and it could simply end up on a gunner or caster 10ms away; Wounding Shot is best used on a weapon with high base damage and it doesn't work well with dual-wielding; Hunter's Claw and upgrades are alright but they require some meta knowledge to get going. Concussive Tranquilizer could have some nice value against caster bosses - two hits means removing a whole minute of beneficial effects. You would probably want to pick up Evasive Roll for a mobility tool (and with enough INT, a fair Action Speed boost): mobility is important for an Unbroken because of the Stride penalty, and it's good to be able to reposition your tank (when your party is bottle-necked by the environment, for example). Takedown Combo rocks if you can time it properly.

Personally, my favorite tank /w some damage and support is Unbroken/Trickster. It's easy and self-contained (no having to keep track of Phrases or Wounds or the pet's positioning), has solid interrupts, DoTs, and utility, and the Trickster's free spells grant ability points to round up damage output.

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4 hours ago, Ranndar said:

I like the ranger, but I didn’t feel much advantages in pair it with a tank. I am willing to try a Devoted/Marksman too. What bow would be better? 

on a devoted, i would go for hunting bow. hunting bow hits like a truck compared to warbow, but hunting bow's weakness is lack of PEN, which devoted fixes, and there are a couple nice hunting bows; i recommend creating a dwarf if you want to use aamiina's legacy, otherwise max out metaphysics for essence interrupter.

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