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Which classes/builds make for good talker builds that are still good on PotD? (high Per/Int/Res)

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Right now, I am playing a melee Wiz with 14/8/10/15/16/15 base stats, and I - for the first time - defeated Raedric at party level 4. Lots of resting in the castle, but still, really powerful.

Got me thinking, what other classes/builds make for great talkers that are also combatitive on PotD.

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I made a Kind Wayfarer's Paladin with very similar stats. Using Bloody Slaughter and Strange Mercy he's really good at getting killing blows and pumping out healing to the party. I plan to pick up mourning gloves and i'm still looking for other items that might give either bonuses on kill or bonuses against low health enemies to help secure the final blows.

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Additionally barbarian can pull it off. Golden Dragon, the is perfect for it as it cover all dialog stats in one package. I also ran low dex monk in tanking mode on PotD - works ok but need some help with wound generating as it it possible for monk to be too tanky for his own good

If you are ok with loosing might, Rogue, Ranger and Wizard are also good choises, especially rogue who has many ways to cover underwhelming might.

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