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First I want to say you are making the game too easy for people that don’t like a little challenge.  First no booping and now  Burgl chips are shown on the map? big arrows over the tapes?  where’s the fun in that?  Hopefully you’re not going to draw maps to all the raw science that is scattered.   Or give warnings to the player if they are getting too close to an unseen predator.   This is a survival game.  Those who can’t survive should go back and play in the sandbox.    Well that would of course depend on what the sandbox/planter box turns out to be 😁  May as well give each player a life jacket before they take a dip in the pond 🤗

Need more options to check or uncheck when  setting up a game I think.     Chip displayed on map on/off  or maybe a cheats on/off option 🤔 


One bug I just noticed.. not sure if it existed before 10.0 but walking over grass planks jerks character around and flips the grass all over. 

Single and multiplayer games keep crashing.  I have auto-save set to every 5 minutes because I want to play but it’s like I’m watching Groundhogs Day 😝

Can’t wait for the full update..  

Playing on Xbox.. 


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My tutorial just reset in middle of gameplay.    My health dropped and it triggered the Tutorial: craft fiber bandage to pop up.   Nothing more was shown after it was crafted.     

Also found an apple and a hot dog in the same spot.  Intentional or not idk. 
Also upon digging them up it gave nothing while chopping it and gave 3 piece and 2 pieces when it broke that I fought the ant for lol.  Also intentional or not idk.   If I remember correctly before it gave you pieces each time you hit it until it was gone.  Hoping of course that the ants didn’t eat it so you only got one chop at it. 

I found 2 granola bars respawned in a field station.   Checked other stations as I don’t remember exactly where they originally spawned at when I started and they were all empty.   I know I have been in this station many times so not likely that they were missed.  Could of been missed but idk. 

Items that were placed previous to this save were randomly rotated.  Was like someone came in an rearranged my furniture and left 😂 

Dew collectors rotated away from drop droplets but the droplets remained suspended in the air with no support 😂

I always wanted to create games as I have always been a gamer.   I find it very interesting following this game and all the different updates and how things can change for good or bad and all the tweaking you need to do to get it the way you want.  Makes it more interesting to me..  This technology is way over my head so I’ll just keep enjoying playing the game.  

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