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Make building less frustrating

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So i am having a great time with the game, but the building which i like the most needs some work, especially the placement aspect of it.

Two things are really bothering me right now, and that is not being able to clip inside terrain and no option to turn off snap. These are the two things that any game with base building in it needs. Some times i can manage to glitch a piece in to a valid position and sometimes it only needs a different angle?

And why can't some pieces rotate diagonally? Like the grass door and door frame, only rotates 90 degrees 😕 Ooo, and can we get half walls please?

I really hope the building will get some more love from the devs. :)

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Some suggestions for new building options and mechanics:

-diagonal doors (glad to hear someone else mention them :) )

-turning snap off and on (great idea)

-arches and arch doors (like the stem windows, but modified as entrances. )

-half stairs: when you just need a little boost between the porch and the ground. :) 

-half stem floors....like the half grass floors

-curtains made from the different colored flower petals

-bathtubs, sinks, toilet, swimming pools.....I know. Off subject. But.....wouldn't it be nice. 

-clipping into terrain has been improved somewhat, but still needs work. Nothing is more frustrating than getting everything placed just so, only to find one last bit of stone block can't be placed. Occupied? Not supported? Whatever. One block on the left snapped just fine. The block on the right, no problem. This middle one, however? No way, no how. (sigh)

-blueprints should not become entangled with the dreaded "not supported" system.  They are blueprints. A plan. They don't need support.  Work from top to bottom or in reverse.....it shouldn't matter. Once they are finished, you can start building from the ground up. Every level will support the next structure by default.  This should make building and planning a little easier. 

-Spiral stairs: would like a new mechanic where you place the first blueprint section with one click, then the next section snaps automatically with the next click, etc. No more trying to match up the main post with the first, then rotating the stairs around so they continue in the proper direction.  By the third level, I'm blurry-eyed and squinting and unable to see which way is up or down or sideways. (some of us have left 20/20 vision appreciation day a long time ago, even with glasses). :)

Just a few things to add to our wish list. Have fun :) 


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One more thing I would like to add on this topic: Organize buildables into categories - E.G. Grass-based walls/floors in their own category; Stem-based walls/floors in another category, and so-on. Otherwise, as we get more and more pieces, it's going to be endless scrolling trying to find the right one. 

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