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I need advice on building a melee Cipher MC for PotD.

I couldn't find any guides or much info in general on that.

Stat-wise, I got this as my blueprint: M14 C10 D14 P14 I16 R10

But I am fully open to suggestions...

For race, Imma either stick to the endearing Godlikes (Nature or Death - leaning to Nature for flair, but also Death gets a damage buff at low enemy endurance...), or go for Orlan, as I found some really lovely portraits for them.


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Priest would be my pick. It starts more slowly but has the most impact after some levels. Also as MC you can max the dispositions which leads to a very strong Holy Radiance (can one-shot most normal vessels at some point). I played a max Might melee Priest of Berath once with the Great Sword Tidefall. That was not only effective in the buffing and healing department but also did impressive melee dmg (not that you have that much time to cut enemies in half because you're so busy slinging spells, but still...).

Druid MC can be a lot of fun if build for optimal Spiritshift action. Relentless Storm, Avenging Storm and then let the claws fly. :)

As Wizard I had most fun with melee setups (Concelhaut's Draining Touch and then Citzal's Spirit Lance for the win) or with Kalakoth's Minor Blights + Blast + Penetrating Blast (it's a Blastfest) + Combusting Wounds. 

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