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Bugs still getting stuck on top of stuff.

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Bugs are still getting stuck inside other objects or on rocks or a leaf that they spawn on. had a lady bug spawn inside clay foundation. one spider spawn on ledge of landscape path light and is stuck up there.  or a stink bug just stuck in on spot in open ground area cant move. bugs have been Like this for a few updates now. 

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23 hours ago, oKareno said:

Do debug option in the start menu see if it helps. It helped mine. They were doing the same thing on the lights and rocks and oak tree.   

Thanks didn't know they had that. looks like it worked kind spider on lamps is gone and lady bug too, but now I have a wolf spider stuck  on one of the wood post by oak tree that wasn't there before. Ill just have to push that every time I load I guess. thanks again.

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