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Issues Since Recent Patch 9.0

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Issues We have run into on Xbox one x and Series x:

1. Lag spikes; the game becomes very laggy at times. Some people are suggesting it is with inventory and menu, but we are noticing it just randomly happening, and it seems as if your character is barely moving.

2. Infected Weevils are even harder to find. We spent over 1 week of in game time searching and used lures, only found 2, lures made no difference.

3. Infected Mites are hitting you even when they aren't near you.

4. We were seeing fireflies near the Beehive at night fall. We are no longer seeing fireflies at all.

5. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of spiders all of the sudden. Where we were seeing a few in the normal locations, but upon killing or entering combat, multiple new ones are spawning at the same time, unsure if this is intentional or not.

6. In addition to fireflies spawning, and infected weevils; upon receiving BURG.L quest for normal weevils, we are now having issues finding them as well. When they were previously abundant; prior to the normal weevil mission there appeared to be an ant war with about 10 weevils at the same time located near the ant cave, and the stinkbug area.

7. Gas Masks are breaking incredibly fast, on average, requires repair 8 times per normal daylight hours in infected zone. 

8. Sca.B is suggesting Science near the mosquito area towards the turned over grill, though after vast searching we were never able to locate any science, or lab nearby.


These are the issues we have noticed, we appreciate all the effort the team continues to put forth and hope these notes will help moving forward, also, bring back the brood mother spider :) we need a bigger challenge.  We would also like to know where we can learn about upcoming content the team plans to release. Thank you.


TheOwl1013 and TheTurtle8571 (Turtles and Owls would also be cool XD)

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  • TheTurtle8571 changed the title to Issues Since Recent Patch 9.0

About infected mites they spit you, thats why they hit you even when they aren't close to you. 

About the scab near the grill, there is a like a filter duct that can't be easely spotted under water, I don't know if you already entere There, I have been constructin near that place and I havn't recieved any notification. 

About the insects, yeah, I agree with you, insect seems to spawn from nowhere. I have noticed that infected weevels seem to respawn under the big trail rocks and got stuck there. About the fireflies the only safe place to find them is near the house, passing the sandbox. The ones that spawn in the map seems to fly away the map when day comes, and that was been happening since they added them. 

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