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Gorgon DLC Starship Hunter Bug

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On the quest starship hunters, after boarding the invading ship and dealing with the freebois, I try to go back into the unreliable but get stuck in the unreliables airlock. I can get into the unreliable instance but the inner door is sealed and I can't open it. Has anyone encountered this at all and possible found a fix? I cant get onto the unreliable proper to talk to ada.

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Yep, just now, stuck in the airlock. Trying to find a workaround. Ive repeated the quest different ways, kill everyone or pass speech checks for peaceful solution. Makes no difference as you have to load into a different game cell, your ship, and game cell isn't updating to let you continue. But the quest log does... which is odd. Not sure if console commands exist for tcl, clip through the wall to trigger the end of quest. I got a save before the quest starts and ill try and skip it through dialog and wait for the pirates to attack again, but even that may not fix it...


Edit. I chose the option to skip it, Ada help option. The quest completed in the log. Not sure if the quest will activate again... its a pain cuz the armour drops are good, lv30+ medium with tech skills, awesome for Parvati and Ellie

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Has a solution to this been found? I've run into the same issue. Currently trying to return to ADA to finish the quest, but I can't get back through the airlock. It just says the door is sealed. 

I messed up my saves, and my most recent one from before I started the quest was from 5-ish hours ago. I've tried everything I can think of, but no luck so far.

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I just encountered this same bug and have no saves from before the bug to go back to except one from roughly 15 hours before; I'm very pissed off about this. I didn't even get to do the other DLC or finish the main story, as I was planning on doing those things after this DLC. Been enjoying this game a lot but the fact that now I won't be able to finish it is leaving a very sour taste in my mouth.

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Okay I managed to find a fix for the issue. Follow this guide to enable console commands (or another similar guide if you have a different version) https://steamcommunity.com/app/578650/discussions/0/3006675644851178978/

Then use the command "toggledebugcamera", go through the airlock using the flycam, then use the command "teleport" once past the airlock and the "toggledebugcamera" command again. Thank god, now I can continue the game.

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