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So I noticed in the hedge, there's a zipline anchor on the branch that leads to the top of the birdbath. So I figured I could create a zipline that links to it 


However, the only anchor I can build on the branches is the wall-anchor, which won't allow me to start the link to another one, as it's an zipline end. I can't build a starting point frame, as I can't get weed stems to that area as I have to pass across another zipline to get to it and you can't when carrying stuff. 


Anyone else manage to get one set up here? 


(I said zipline far too many times in this post 😂)

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15 hours ago, oKareno said:

You can send weed stems on your zipline.. 

I've been trying because online guides say you can do this. However my game has no prompts, no buttons options etc to do this 


*Edit* so I discovered the "drop" prompt actually sends them along the zipline - hooray! 


However there's nothing to stop them plummeting off the end of the zipline. New problem to solve 😂

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