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So, I am thinking of importing a save from a PoE1 game, but I know it is going to be awful. 

Most of my companions died because there were no reloads and I intentionally played a sort of every man for himself with a character devoted to Galawain. 

Anyhow, I thought this particular save file might actually serve a purpose; a chance to have the sidekick characters serve as the main party. Eder and Aloth are gone. Palagina is still alive, but she got the Kind Wayfarer ending, and she's not going to be happy to see me. 

So, to the heart of the issue. There are sidekicks. How to build them? How does one construct a functional crew for Path of the Damned with the sidekicks? How does one play to their strengths and shore up their weaknesses? How do I build a team that can keep each other alive, because the main character, he's bad about keeping his teammates alive. 

No, I really don't want solo strategies, so let me cut you off right there. No interest. While I could do that, that's not fun. Then again, I am fully aware that the sidekicks have very little interaction, but that's fine. 

Main character was a wizard in PoE1, and I'm not sure what I'll do with him in Deadfire. Might multiclass, but not sure with what. In a roleplaying sense, he was my dedicated undead hunter, and he took umbrage with the very existence of the undead. Because life was all about challenges, and being alive. So I might try to do a dedicated undead slayer build in Deadfire, but I'm not sure what is the best way to go about doing that. He's a dwarf. I made him on a lark because I thought a dwarf wizard would be hilarious. But then he took on a life of his own and developed a real hatred for the undead, which seemed somewhat Watchery, because he sees the undead as being insomniacs and he just wants to put them to bed. 

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Even though Pallegrina will be angry when you first meet her she will still join your party very soon thereafter if you want her to do so. She makes a fine contribution to the party as a Herald. Since Eder's dead you'll likely need someone else to bone up on the rogue skills for the party, so you might consider adding Maia as a Scout. She's very effective in this role. Also you might consider Teheku, as his druid and chanter unique subclasses are great. Among the sidekicks, I've usually gone with Mirke as a shadowdancer or single class monk, Konstanten as a Howler and/or Fassina as a sorcerer. There are plenty of great sidekicks to chose from, but those three are my favorite.

If you are going to play a single class wizard, which is very powerful and a respectable undead slayer, you'd probably want some more tanky companions like Pallegrina and Konstanten. However, the words "undead slayer" has a Paladin ring to it, so you might consider making your MC an arcane knight. You would be a very tanky warrior mage, capable of fighting toe-to-toe with your foes while also slinging spells as needed. Since it sounds like you didn't take the "good path" in POE1, you might consider playing a Steel Garrote/Blood Mage, which is a very powerful combination and a lot of fun to play. But if you didn't side with Woedica you could pick other subclasses; Goldpact/Evoker is also fun, although less versatile IMO. Whatever you pick, make sure you pick saber as a weapon choice, since the best weapon for killing undead, Grave Calling, is a saber.

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