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I have seen that creative with bugs is being added to the game, but I would like to see a game mode be added where there is still the need gather supplies and explore, but the bugs are docile or much less of a threat. I think it would open the game to more people if it wasn't a necessity to be good with the combat. I think the best way to do this and other game modes would be to have a custom settings menu when creating a new game. 

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Yes.....I agree. Personally, I don't mind an occasional combat situation or pitting my wits against the Big Bad Wolf Spider.  Or defensive building.

Or even trying to figure out a creative work-around  when a new update suddenly plops down three mosquitos in my already critter infested backyard.

(Three spiders, two bombers.....they have almost become pets. Throw down a lure to keep them happy, a few spike traps to keep the lure happy and

keep everyone away from the back door. Cool. What's not to love.) Until the traps fall apart, three mosquitos hover over the pool, and the lure suddenly actually works and draws in more little critters than I have ever seen before. (Suicide runs....not pretty. Not what I intended.) OK....back to the drawing board. Clear the place of critters. (sorry George, Wilma, Bubbles, Pete and Wimpy. See  you next time around.) Demolished the traps and lures for parts, build a wall around the compound, build my stairs on the other side of the fence. And hope for the best.

Whew! (No worries. Live high on a stump, overlooking the new improvements. Just chilling and waiting for the mosquitos to re-spawn.)


However....back on track/topic.....it would be nice to have an option to play in a milder/peaceful backyard.

     -An 'easy' option for kids/adults with friendly critters (though still challenging in other ways: building, exploring, survival requirements

      and more of the main story. ) And a 'milder' Mild option game play. 

     -Scared of spiders? Two many legs....Option out menu. Have night terrors of hoards of bees invading the house? No problem.....option out.

      (I may not have a problem with fuzzy-buzzy bumbles humming around the garden....but others may break out in a cold sweat.)

    -  Love the challenge of combat, but don't want the continuous 24/7 of repeat battles, or high re-spawn levels, or multiple re-spawns

        in the same location over time and absence:  increase the re-spawn time limit to several days/keep the re-spawn number to a minimum,

       especially if the player has gone adventuring for couple of days.

    -Tired of looking over your shoulder and jumping at grass moving up ahead.....lower the aggravation threshold and we're good

      to travel and explore.  (I don't bother you, you don't bother me.)

     -Or implement sneak mode, camouflage clothing/armor, web slinger distraction slings. Anything that reduces  face to face combat. 

    -Also, implement a more sensible, less aggressive AI when in the new 'Easy' or Mild game play. 

       Real spiders and critters, in general, are not aggressive. Run into a wall or a fence.....no problem. I'll just mosey away.       

      They don't go into a frenzy and eat the furniture, tear down walls or have tantrums if they can't move forward. The AI should

      tell them to  turn around  and wander away. Like an Auto-Vacuum robot.....bump, turn around and move on.  Not get stuck in

      a fence wall or faze through it like it wasn't even there. Or eat it.

       (What good is a fence if two spiders spawn on one side, then a moment later, they're both on the other side.)

    -And I would prefer an alternative use of the spikey trap.....as a deterrent, not a killing machine. Ouch....that hurt! I'll just avoid

     the spikey thing and play  elsewhere.  (in easy or mild game play) Mess with their webs and babies.....Game On Intruder!

Anyhow.....some suggestions that could open up this wonderful world to more peaceful minded individuals who respect nature, love exploration, hate face to face combat and can't abide killing ladybugs. :)  Have fun everyone. 


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