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I've been playing a Troubadour/Psion. It's pretty fun! Summons, charms, and the old reliable killers/soul shock spam. One thing I'm still kinda struggling with is when to use Brisk Recitation versus when not to. To be honest I've been using it almost all the time. When I have afflictions it lets me clear those faster if I play those songs and if I just want an all purpose chant it lets me build invocations quickly.

But with how quickly the chants elapse I wonder if certain ones are even worth it if using brisk recitation. For example something like the fire lash chant...that elapses so quickly that timing it to actually give a benefit when swinging a weapon seems rather difficult. On the other hand, something like ancient memory, or the skeleton summoning chant, is going to provide value no matter what.

So when do you guys use the standard extra long linger with a Troubadour? I guess it would be valuable if I were not trying to spam invocations/cipher spells or if I really wanted to get extra long buff chants such as having a really long time to keep burning lash on my weapon. But it seems not so great for chants that give instant benefits like summoning skeletons. Unless I'm missing something. What do you guys think? 

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In this special case (Troubadour/Psion) I almost only use Brisk Recitation because the big base idea is (imo) to reload phrases while you spend focus - and vice versa. It's all about spamming invocations/cipher powers and less about chant support. 

Because of this I don't use buffing phrases like Mith Fyr. I'll use offensive phrases because often those are not influenced be the no-linger of BrRec. Once they hit an enemy they will apply an effect and it doesn't really matter that the linger is gone.

Also, once you get Their Champion invocation you might want to use offensive chants only because you will have the chance to interrupt enemies in the chant AoE every 3 secs. I'll use stuff like Thick Grew Their Tongues + The long Night's Drink (depending on enemies' defenses).

Or I'll switch to Many Lives Pass By because - let's be honest - it's bonkers with Brisk Recitation. You'll send a skeleton into battle every 3 secs while loading up your phrase counter which is awesome. Especially if you have a SC Paladin in the party (nobody has, just saying ;)) you want that. Because Divine Retribution + Many Lives... *chef's kiss* ;)

With other class combos that might be different. For example a ranged Troubadour/Streefighter I played never used Brisk Recitation but wanted to uphold Sure Handed Ila + Mith Fyr all the time. 


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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That makes sense. Yeah I've been using the weaken/interrupt chants a lot. I also have a song setup to blitz through all the resistance chants. That one is nice on fights where afflictions are irritating as I can quickly clear out (or at least reduce) all negative effects. I haven't quite gotten to the level to do Many Lives yet but I'm looking forward to trying it out. 

I have been using summons more than I thought I might. The Ogre summon is just so good sometimes. However my go-to is still killers froze stiff/soul shock. If the enemy is resistant to dex afflictions I'll use summons or charms at that point. Still, those Ogres hit so damned hard on crush vuln enemies that they're nice sometimes.

It's kinda nutty how versatile this class combo is. I feel like I have tools for most any enemy type. 

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