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Grounded - Slithering Into The Garden

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Introducing, the grass snake. A foe not to be messed with unless you have the required gear and know how. These fierce creatures will attack anything in it's path.. If you're lucky enough, and take it down however, you could use it's skin to craft yourself some awesome new scaly armor.


(Short idea for something that could be rather big in general)

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Opheodrys vernalis or Opheodrys aestivus they stay super small and can be found by flipping large stones so maybe under that one big stone near the clay pot or even under the pathway would honestly be dope although Opheodrys aestivus is primarily arboreal so maybe hedge snake idk the creativity for this game is never ending.

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No......absolutely and without reservation.....No!!!!

Not even ONE.... nonaggressive/nonpoisonous/slithering neighbor. NO.....no legs, no go. Try lizards,  roaches, praying mantis, or 

(SHUDDER)  Frogs on the lily pads swallowing children in one gulp and destroying their four story, lily pad mansion in one hop is 

worlds above better than even one terrorizing, slithering (quadruple SHUDDER) snake in the grass.  DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT......Obsidian. Please, please, please....NO SNAKES.

DISCLAIMER:  ah.....about those frogs.....Forget I even mentioned them.  That was a 'Never-Ever".  Never said it... never, ever mentioned such a thing.....you never, ever heard it from me, Obsidian.  And you would never, ever play such a cruel trick on 

your adoring fans and players....now, would you.?  Of course not. That would be.....just silly. Right? 

Though......if they were adorably cute, medium/smallish in size, nonaggressive, respective of players homes and property,

AND.... have an all consuming drive to spawn near mosquitos, snatch those pesky dive-bombers in mid-flight and swallow them whole.....well, maybe.....that would kind a work. Just....maybe. If you were just....I don't know....thinking about ....say....frogs. :) 

BUT......NO SLITHERING......please. Respectively submitted. 


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