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  1. Opheodrys vernalis or Opheodrys aestivus they stay super small and can be found by flipping large stones so maybe under that one big stone near the clay pot or even under the pathway would honestly be dope although Opheodrys aestivus is primarily arboreal so maybe hedge snake idk the creativity for this game is never ending.
  2. I've been wondering since I haven't seen it posted anywhere, Is anyone else's button binding menu in the settings not allowing you past "In game mapping". I uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail. Keyboard mapping looks fine but console won't allow remapping.
  3. Yea everything you said from inventory getting stuck to mushrooms despawning but also I can no longer remap my controller keys on xbox one. It won't let me scroll past "Hotpouch" i only ever played single player so i had remapped right and left d pads as i didn't use chats or emotes but can no longer do so
  4. Hello Grounded Dev team, just wanted to start by saying i found myself completely immersed in this world you have created and love the game so much already as a huge fan of survival games. My suggestion is that I'd like to see maybe some sort of ACID ARROW from either larva or bombardier beetle glands maybe tier 2 made with feather arrows. I tend to be a range centered survival player using throwables and arrows so it would be nice to see how different play styles create different variations of survival based on preference. Maybe even Rope arrows with a climbing action similar to the ladders perhaps.
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