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How does someone get in contact with game developers to report a problem?



The Switch version of the game has a bug when creating a Ranger, in which the animal companion does not spawn in.  I have attempted several times to create a Ranger, with every type of companion, and it does not work.  I understand this is an older game, but a major issue like this should be reportable so the game can be patched and made fully playable.  This is the third post created on this topic, and it does not look like it has even been acknowledged beyond the person who created the post about the issue(twice) and two comments from other players experiencing the same issue(one of those being myself).  

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4 hours ago, 213374U said:

As best I can tell, the ranger pet issue is one that was left unfixed when Versus Evil, the Switch port's publisher, stated that they would not be releasing any further patches.


Sorry for offtop, but what is the reason of such.. selective approach in answering questions? As i can see, some topics remain unanswered for a few years, and some are answered in a day or less 

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Well, it's not so much a 'selective approach' as it is just people seeing the thread and having an answer to give. Forum moderators such as myself aren't affiliated with Obsidian so we cannot provide inside information -- in this particular case I simply remembered having seen the news I posted. The tech support forums are more a self-help resource for players to help each other out than a way to bring issues to the attention of the developers.

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