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feed back when game is saving locks up

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I've noticed when I'm in the menu with changing weapons feeding myself but changing the weapons it'll start flashing and if I save it quick enough it'll save the game at that point while it's flashing up on orange pinkish color on the right top corner and then I'll restart it or say it'll it'll come back to play but if I wait too long it it freezes up also just changing armor if I want to change my armor it's it'll lock up and then it has to restart and sometimes just running around it will lock up and it'll say video rendering isn't adequate but you probably heard these things beforeI've also mentioned the the feathers the feathers are all over the place and it seems like there's not very useful other than making the bed which we've made a few but they just keep coming and coming and I harvest them and I don't pick them up and then they finally go away but then they come back and they're all over the place I think you should limit them unless you know a player is starting to harvest them for a reason you could have them come out more when they're harvesting them and when they're not harvesting and nobody is interested in the feathers in this personal game they don't have to stay all over the place I think it's making the video more your memory of the computer has to be more powerful for all these feathers to be animated when you're walking into them with towards them and they start popping out I think it's too much animation for the machine maybe you could limit the feathers or make them more useful so we'd want to collect them also you should color the zip ties the zip ropes so that after you put them all up I've got quite a few here I got 600 days of playing the game and there's a lot of lines everywhere if we could color them you can help map out coming and going and things if you could color them your own your own color would be advantageous and simple to program I think but I like the game you're doing real good keep up the good work

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For the ziplines you could drop trail markers that you color and image code to mean something to you. For me since i have a base near most ziplines i color coded my bases. Or if the area the zipline is close to is abundant with a specific resource you could trail marker that way as well.

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