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Zip lines after the new update

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Well, the new update added fun flying critters, but canceled another useful feature as well.  Each update we seem to loose something along with

all the other great content.  First it was the repair hammer that no longer works; then the mint mallet that can no longer crack a simple acorn;

now the zip line can no longer be used to transport grass or weed stems. Who thought this was a necessary improvement?  Now all my  zip lines

are  useless.  Building and transporting materials will be more time consuming than fun. And I still can't use the repair tool.  Please, please......please

restore these features Obsidian. Thank you. :) 



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Ah......that is apparently a thing. Never knew. Strange animation though; floating on top without any connection to the line. (Not that carrying a whole stack without even holding

on was a great visual either---But it worked. It was quick, intuitive and fun).  Still, this works as well, so......I'm gratefully relieved. Thanks for the tip, TinyMalemort!  I really appreciate

the help. 

Now....if I can find a way to make a mosquito repellant, maybe.......just maybe...... I'll be able to survive this update with a little bit more enthusiasm. :)  



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PS: Still would prefer to send an entire stack down the zip line instead of one plank/stem at a time. And a new animation. Perhaps bundled with rope and hanging

on the handles. Could require rope in your inventory to bundle and send. "Zip" could change to "zip stack" if all the requirements are met. Just a suggestion. 

It would look amazing, follow a certain amount of required  logic, and still be convenient. 


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