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I love to play Grounded!  Its a great game with a lot of life left in it!  

Unfortunately, for a few reasons, I primarily play alone.  I have found the addition of the helmet light to be extremely valuable, as now I can venture into the dark scary tunnels by myself.  I used to have to wait for a friend to get online and be available to come into the game and help me by carrying a torch or combatting whilst I carried the torch.

In my time playing alone, I have had a lot of opportunities to say "dang.. I really wish I could ________".   So here are a couple of the thoughts I have had.

1.  Hauling contraptions-  it would be amazing to have a wagon that we could build.  This would allow us to haul even more materials.  If there is one thing that keeps me from playing this game more, is the thought of logging into a game world where I have blueprints needing finished, but I just cannot stomach the thought of the monotonous back and forth hauling of materials. I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY ON CREATIVE- but I am creative with my base builds and like to put them in crazy places.  

I have been working on a base atop the concrete structure sitting on the outer edge of the Koi Pond- and the process of getting planks and stems to that area is just crazy.

  • The ant armor and workers comp smoothie are great for short hauls.  However, for longer treks or for tasks that need LOADS of materials, it really doesn't make a difference to the point that it is mostly moot.  
  • Having a hauling contraption in the game would save the player on build time and allow them to play more of the game.  
  • The game already has material stacking for the grass and stem pallets.  In essence, this would be the same thing, only with wheels and a handle.
    • The wagon idea could be arranged so that there are individual grass and stem wagons.  
  • The wagon, for instance, could be a reward from a burgle chip.  The base wagon could be built using items already in game.
    • 40 spider silk rope
    • 10 plant fiber rope
    • 6 wooden stems
    • 4 acorn tops
    • 3 grass planks
  • Beginning with a Hauling cap of 12 or so, the wagon could be further upgraded to allow for hauling of greater capacities.  A tiered upgrade system would be best.  
    • Level 1- 12 cap
      • upgrade with berry leather and more rope
    • Level 2- 14 cap
      • upgrade with more grass planks, berry leather, and rope.
    • Level 3- 16 cap
      • upgrade with more stems, planks, leather, rope.
    • Level 4- 20 cap
      •  upgrade with Koi Scale, sunken bone fragments, clay, stems, planks, leather, rope.
  • Of course, these are just suggestions from the top of my head.  I would suggest that the wagon be a item that a player would have to work to upgrade over time.  Not something we could just throw together.  Albeit, if it were implemented with my suggestions above, I could easily already have 2 built and fully upgraded. haha ;)

2. Farming- Slightly related to the reasoning for the wagon- It would be amazing if we could plant grass and dandelion/weed seeds in areas where we would like the resources to be.  

  • The seeds, comparative to the size of our adventurers, would be fairly hefty.  This would mean that we could only transport 1 - 3 seeds at a time, possibly by carrying them in our hands, rather than in our backpacks.
  • In areas where some grass or stems aren't naturally available, it is difficult to source materials for bases.  This does cause a huge time sink, and understandably so.  However, in some cases, it is just completely beyond reality to transport to these locations.  
    • Some areas feature grass, but no harvestable stems.  Other areas feature harvestable stems, but no grass.
  • My thought would be to allow us to build tools (hoes/tillers) to clear out small patches of land where we could place down a garden.
    • these gardens could temporarily grow 1 or 2 crops of materials that we can then harvest, use, and possibly plant more- creating a loop.
    • Once the garden is operable, the garden could possibly drop limited numbers of seeds that allow us to plant immediately without having to harvest more seeds from far away.
      • or not.
  •   The addition of farming doesn't have to stop at materials for building.  
    • We could also place other plants in our gardens for many different purposes.
      • Flowers or plants of different types to attract certain insects. (Tulips/Roses for Bees, Clover for aphids (aphids attract ladybugs))
      • Flowers or plants of different types to repel certain insects. (Spiders, Mosquitos, Ants)
      • Vegetables to be used for food. (New foods!)
      • Nectar plants to use for drinks/smoothies. (New drinks!)

I hope these suggestions are taken seriously.  I think the addition of either, or both, would be a great benefit to the game!


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