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Stacks of status effects wear off all at once-can this be changed?

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I want to do an ability that, whenever you kill an enemy, gives you a bonus for say ten seconds, and it stacks so if you kill two enemies you get double bonus, three enemies triple bonus etc. Problem is, when I tested this, all of the stacks wear off at once- after the first ten seconds is up. I was hoping to get them to wear off one at a time.  Is it possible to do that with this game?

The workaround I'm considering is, killing one enemy gives you StatusEffect1 for ten seconds- it does not stack at all. Killing an enemy with StatusEffect1 active gives you StatusEffect2, which is identical to StatusEffect1 except it has a different name and is only activated if StatusEffect1 is active. Killing a third enemy gives you StatusEffect 3, etc. Then when StatusEffect 1 wears off, you still have StatusEffect 2 and StatusEffect 3, which will wear off after their own ten-second timers run out. A bit convoluted, but possibly more versatile when it comes to eg upgrading the ability to add other status effects

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