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The political conflict in Neketaka is loosely based on Djibouti.

The locals commissioned a $3.5 bil free trade zone built by the Chinese, obviously analogous to Queen's Berth. The Chinese maintain a light military force in the region to combat pirate activities targeting ships headed towards the Suez Canal.


The Americans have a much larger military base primarily used for waging war in Yemen and other nearby regions. This is analogous to the Brass Citadel. 


Next door, Somalia is in political disarray, and many of the locals turn to piracy to make ends meet. This should be self-explanatory. 



Of course, it's not a perfect analogy, since the Huana are more loosely based off of Hawaiians/Maori/Pacific Islanders. But I find it interesting to see the game through the lens of the real world.

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What does the game gain, in your opinion, from this real world interpretation? I am honestly curious, please do not take this as a criticism.

Somehow this reminds of the time when people were extremely interested in seeing the real world in the Lord of the Rings. You know, Sauron being Stalin and all that.

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Rauatai as a fictional culture was influenced by Japan and Prussia and the Huana by Polynesian culture afaik. I don't think any of the devs had Djibouti in mind. 

Don't want to say it's impossible but judging from what I heard/read about what influenced the depiction of the factions in Deadfire I have my doubts - even if the comparison somewhat works. 

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