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Anything to know during replay of Deadfire?

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I stopped playing before second expansion, but after the first expansion all I do was infinitely restarting.

Now I left Neketaka to go to temple of Woedicca, and I'm level 7, completing few questlines in Neketaka. Spoilers are of no issue. Is there any advice to me, as returning player (I'm past the point of usual restart, and will likely not restart the game)

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Well, there are extra bosses on the world map since you last played- one in the northeast, one in the northwest, one in the southwest, and one between Dunnage and Fort Deadlight. They're designed to be a challenge above and beyond anything else in the game, so feel free to avoid them until level 20.

The only other thing of note that occurs to me in terms of a continuing playthrough is: check in with The Burned Book after every faction-related or main quest you do; there's a surprising amount of dialogue.

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