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The collider of the oak tree is too big

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Having the oak tree in the center of the garden is an awesome idea, and I'm sure a lot of people did as I did and tried to build around the tree. The problem is that the collider in the tree seems to be very simple up the trunk and doesn't follow it's shape, so although it allows you to build almost everywhere, the collider stops the character 2 or 3 (relative) meters from the surface, like a force field. You can't build the structures snug enough to the tree (well, you can, but you can't use them) and you end up with weird constructions if you want the platforms not looking like floating in the air. It would've been awesome to walk on the mushrooms of the tree, but that's not possible.

For example here I tried to build catwalks and platforms as close as the collider allowed me to walk around, the weed stem handrail marks where the collider allows you to get over the platform, a good distance away from the  mushrooms:


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