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Public Test 0.6.0 Patch Notes


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New Creatures

  • Mosquitos
  • Fireflies
  • Bees!

New Crafting Content

  • Bee Armor Set (Face Mask, Shoulder Pads, Shin Guards)
  • Firefly Head Lamp
  • Stinger Spear
  • Mosquito Needle
  • Weevil Shield
  • New consumable: Healbasa 
  • Two new stuffed friends: Stuffed Bee and Stuffed Firefly

New Perks

  • Barbarian Perk: Club damage increased

New Features

All platforms

  • Equipped items no longer take up Backpack space.
  • Equipped items will stay on the player after death. Each piece of equipment will take a small amount of durability damage after you die.

Changes / Tuning


  • Container inventory contents are no longer replicated to clients until needed (an optimization)
  • More reliable networking calls from clients to server
  • Reduced the amount of network data sent between various systems.


  • BURG.L Chips now award science when returned regardless of whether the corresponding BURG.L quest is active.
  • Mint Mallet has been renamed "Mint Mace"
  • Rotten bee equipment can now be analyzed to unlock the un-rotten recipes.


  • Bone weapons have slightly less durability.
  • Most unblockable creature attacks are now blockable with shields (still unblockable with weapons).
  • Pollen can now be thrown.
  • Previously-equipped off-hand items that were displaced by a two-handed weapon are restored when re-equipping a one-handed weapon.


  • Point of interest notification has been altered to be more responsive and look better.
  • Notifications now will display what's in the queue to improve feedback with this system.
  • Save game screenshots now work with Logout saves.
  • Rest / Set Respawn UI adjustments.
  • A "New Resource" queue will display on the HUD if you end up picking up new items faster than the HUD can handle displaying the notifications for them.


  • Nectar now spawns on top of flowers instead of below them.
  • Creatures will fade out / fade in when approaching their despawn distance to prevent visual popping (currently only works on host).
  • Bratburst visual effects better match the ingredients that were used to craft it.


  • Buildings will be invalid less often when placing them inside structures.
  • Incomplete buildings are more visually apparent.
  • Buoyant Markers can now be built in the lower pond.


  • Creature Perception: Player noise now has a linear falloff as opposed to all heard player noise having the same value regardless of distance.
  • Increased hearing range of Wolf Spiders from 2500 to 5000 to account for the above change.


Bug Fixes - All Platforms

Top Community Issues

  • Foundations will no longer be invalid when snapping to other foundations that stick out of the ground too much.
  • Clients can now dump canteens
  • Autosaves no longer cause performance hitching.
  • Fixed issue with clients failing to spawn in games that have huge player bases built.


  • Fixed crash with clients joining a saved game where their loot bag was collected by another player.
  • Incomplete doors will no longer have collision after loading.
  • The player can no longer eat or drink items while gliding or zipping.
  • The player will now drop all hauled items when starting zipping.
  • The player can no longer attack while gliding.
  • Air bubbles will no longer spawn in large clumps when first approaching sources of them.
  • Door frames now have collision applied to them.
  • Fixed issue where "Craft and Equip" could cause a random inventory item to get equipped.
  • Characters will no longer fall when loading a save in which they were ziplining (not retroactive)
  • Dew drinking while hauling is disabled to prevent issues where dew disappears without giving you any hydration.
  • Fixed crash with clients joining a saved game where their loot bag was collected by another player.


  • Muscle Sprouts will now respawn
  • Dirty droplets no longer act like clean ones when drinking them
  • Buoyant Foundations can no longer be built underneath the water in some situations.
  • Buoyant Marker can no longer be placed on land.
  • Objects without physics will no longer cause the bounce pad to bounce.
  • The previous weapon, for the Equip Previous hotkey, now persists across saves
  • Shovel+ now has a proper faster animation.
  • Fixed some interaction issues with FrankenLine.
  • Soda droplets will more consistently respawn.
  • Punch-O Juice drops properly despawn after 72 hours so new dew can drip out.


  • Gnats will get happy after boops more consistently.
  • Aphids will now face the correct direction when descending grass blades.
  • Clovers will now save and restore properly.


  • The field of view will no longer sometimes oscillate when sprinting sideways.
  • Fixed issue with the "low O2" black vignette not working on clients.
  • Fixed issue with the 3rd person camera being in odd tilts after respawning

Ominent Practical Technologies

  • [All information regarding the activities of Ominent Practical Technologies in this update are to remain confidential]
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0.6.0 Public Test Patch Notes for Update Build 0.6.2836:

Changes / Tuning

  • Layout revision to the OS Config menu to make viewing the status effect icons and details easier.
  • Weapons and arrows that are embedded in creatures will not display their floating icon until the weapon/arrow becomes dislodged. This cleans up some icon spam when using a bow.


Bug Fixes - All Platforms

  • Structures that were anchored to certain objects, such as the baseball or flagstones, will no longer be considered unsupported.
  • Fixed issue where kicked players end up having their inventory lost in the save data (does not retroactively restore inventory for players that have been kicked prior to 0.6.0).


  • Items floating on the water will now despawn when appropriate.
  • Bratbursts now visually work correctly for clients.


  • Grubs can no longer be dug up by the Repair Tool or the Mint Mace.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes sleeping creatures were displaying as awake on clients.


  • No longer showing the "Health Bar" for creatures that cannot be killed (BURG.L, Koi Fish, etc.)


  • Fixed submerged audio getting stuck on clients after death if they died underwater

0.6.0 Public Test - 2830 to 2836 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds)

  • Fireflies are now more successful at returning to the yard at night.
  • Bees no longer float while sleeping.
  • Fixed Equipment Bonuses not being removed/updated on unequip.
  • Pollen slows creatures it gets stuck on when thrown.
  • Healbasa should no longer aggro creatures.
  • Updated Healbasa art.
  • Updated flying creature audio.
  • Buffing damage on the Mosquito Needle. Added a small amount of stun value as well.
  • Bees now eat Nectar.
  • You can now equip a Dandelion Puff again when you have a full inventory.
  • You can unequip items by dragging and dropping them onto a backpack slot.
  • Improved the visuals of Fireflies at a distance.
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0.6.0 Public Test Patch Notes for Update Build 0.6.2851:

Changes / Tuning

  • Items dropped in the world that uses the temp loot bag model (armors, etc.) will have their item icon displayed on top of them.


  • Busted Acorns can drop more shells.

Bug Fixes - All Platforms

  • Fixed issue with depositing items into a full container with a controller.
  • Items/Equipment/Resources
  • Hauled items will correctly be dropped when knocked down in multiplayer.
  • Dropped web will properly display on clients.
  • Fixed issue with depositing items into a full container with a controller.


  • Mites no longer sometimes animate like they are walking while not moving.


  • Fixed issue with pixelated lighting artifacts showing up on weapons when held up to the sunlight.
  • Fixed some rendering issues with player eyes around lights.

0.6.0 Public Test - 2836 to 2851 Changes (Only noticeable across Public Test Builds)

  • Improved the firefly audio.
  • Flying creatures have better fall physics on death.
  • Bees no longer randomly drop pollen.
  • Updated bee hive temp art.
  • Fixed issue with blocking doubling the hit stun values of attacks.
  • Increase the amount of bonus block value the Weevil Shield gives.
  • Fixed Splatbursts not working properly.
  • Fixed an item duplication bug that could happen when throwing two-handed weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with creatures sometimes never dropping aggro after a certain amount of time.
  • Increased range of Mosquito combo attack.
  • Fixed Healbasa sometimes not working when thrown.
  • Implemented a fix to make the Sleep button work on click again.
  • "Fix Creature Locations" will no longer reset the fireflies back into the yard during the day as they aren't supposed to be there during the day. 
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