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What is the real game size?

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So guys, i just did get the POE 1 in a Epic Games sale but there's something that seems to be wrong with the game size. In the Epic store page, and the other stores, says the game requires 14gb of space, but when i put to download and install, the game size jumps to 66gb. What i want to know is if this is normal or is a bug of the store.

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I have it installed for some years now (properly updated) and it has 27 GB with all DLCs and ca. 300 MB of savegames. The player log and several other stuff that accumulates over time might also add a bit of disk space.

So I would say that those 66 GB are not correct. But maybe that's just temporary during the installment? Or maybe you have some extra content (must be a lot though)?

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