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So many suggestions

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I've been playing for a couple weeks now. Absolutely love the game, but definitely have some suggestions:

-You get hungry/thirsty (but ESPECIALLY) thirsty way too quickly. Our game was also very glitchy and dew NEVER appeared on grass, so it was very annoying and unpleasant until we crafted dew collectors.

- Ability to craft backpacks/more inventory space

- A directional compass at the top of the screen or something. Really just any way to mark "North" without having to open the map constantly

- Clovers are the absolute worst. There's no logical reason why we should get so stuck when trying to run through groups of clovers. They should easily be able to spread and let us run through them.

-In my opinion, nighttime lasts a ridiculously long time, and days are too short. I know you have clocks in game, but us there any way to speed up the clock slightly more at night? Or trim the darkness in evening/morning? 

- The bugs are cool, so hear me out. Some way to train certain bugs. Make it difficult to be able to do if you want! But imagine the possibilities if we could utilize ants to go collect resources for our base

- Mounts. Again, make it as difficult as you think it should be, but nothing would be cooler than being able to strap a saddle onto a ladybug, or eventually bees, and being able to get around the map faster/fight bugs easier. I think this would be especially helpful as you start adding bigger and more difficult predators to game.

-more gardens. Just like we can plant mushrooms, it would be helpful to be able to plant other items such as grass, weeds. Flowers, thistle, maybe other food sources 

- Why can't we make stuffed spiders? As far as I can see, thats not an in-game option yet, but should be. Along with ladybugs. 

-more glider options. Maybe you're already working on this, but some flying squirrel looking wings or parachutes would be cool. Maybe even a jetpack or something. 


I think those are my main suggestions right now. Overall, though, I really love this game. And I am looking forward to getting some flying bugs in the game!! 

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I agree that being able to craft a compass would be great.

Also, managing thirst is slightly annoying. It's not terrible, but could be tweaked just a bit. 

Same for the day/night cycle. It's not bad, but it could be tweaked just a bit - make days a little longer and night a little shorter. (just a bit)

Oh, one more thing... I've seen people complain about moving through clover.... it is a bug? Because honestly I haven't had any similar issues like that. 

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Great suggestions everyone. To add another thing I forgot, the fact that we are able to craft chairs but can't sit in them is such a pet peeve. I know, it adds no actual strategic value to the game, but dammit when I craft a cool balcony with a great view and a couple chairs, I'd love the option to sit for a couple minutes. It would just be a nice touch i think.

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