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  1. Great suggestions everyone. To add another thing I forgot, the fact that we are able to craft chairs but can't sit in them is such a pet peeve. I know, it adds no actual strategic value to the game, but dammit when I craft a cool balcony with a great view and a couple chairs, I'd love the option to sit for a couple minutes. It would just be a nice touch i think.
  2. Ive had this same problem. Luckily nothing too valuable yet, but I'll take jerky off the jerky rack and it doesn't appear in my inventory. Or craft something that disappears immediately. So frustrating.
  3. I've been playing for a couple weeks now. Absolutely love the game, but definitely have some suggestions: -You get hungry/thirsty (but ESPECIALLY) thirsty way too quickly. Our game was also very glitchy and dew NEVER appeared on grass, so it was very annoying and unpleasant until we crafted dew collectors. - Ability to craft backpacks/more inventory space - A directional compass at the top of the screen or something. Really just any way to mark "North" without having to open the map constantly - Clovers are the absolute worst. There's no logical reason why we should get so
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