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Bring the mint mallet back please

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The mint mallet used to be a useful tool. Now that it doesn't do anything it just sits at my base. It used to be a tool I was proud of, and it was nice hitting rocks, acorns, ect. In 1 hit. I miss using my favorite tool.

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I agree completely. If I can demolish a spider with a couple of satisfying hits, surely the same mallet can break an acorn open with a single tap. 

Not sure what their logic was behind this change, but if it was to make acorns available early on in the game, then just make the stone hammer

have to hit it a few more times (four maybe, like the shovel?) instead. Also, we have limited space in our backpacks as it is. Carrying around one

extra, unnecessary, item makes gathering anything in bulk difficult at best. Kill two pesky nats and......Inventory Full! 

This is a no brainer. Please change the mallet back to its glorious self. Pretty please. :) 



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