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So I got into making spells, have made a few already, but then I noticed some concepts were harder to achieve because the caster/player would theoretically select more than one possible outcome. Let me give an example:

Druid: Lesser/Greater Blight

This spell does NOT allow the Druid to choose which elemental creature appears. Instead, the choice is random. It does have the effect of an invisible menu, after all, you have more than one possible result, however, you do not have a handy icon or text based list query allowing you to confirm what it is you want.


So I noticed how much more diverse spells could be if they either had mini icon menus, like the Fighter's 3 stances or certain druid's options to shapeshift into their choice of 4-5 different beasts.

Is there a way to make one of these mini-menus as an ability,

then populate it with UUIDs related to effects like summon/conjure/transform/etc. ?

I was briefly inspired by the summoned monster action/spell mini menus,

as that seems to point to the following chain:
player->selected spell caster character->magic->level list->summoned creature choice->mini menu

i think im trying to invert/add one step:

player->selected spell caster character->spell list->level list->mini menu->creature summoned


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This is tricky. I can think of two options:

1) Create a menu for selecting a "category" for the castable spell. Use conditionals in the original ability to check which "category" is in use and which effect to apply. I did something similar as an experiment with Blood Sacrifice:


2) Create a menu that contains castable spells.


In this scenario, 1) might not be an option since Abilities can only contain a single AttackID, so the AttackSummon/AttackSummonRandom components (which define what to summon) can't be filtered the way you could with StatusEffects.

So you might have to go for 2) and create duplicates of the Conjure Blight spells for each variant, and for each of them assign duplicates of the corresponding Conjure Blight Attacks (again one for each variant with edited AttackSummonComponent -> SummonFileList properties) as their AttackID.

Upside to this is that you get a dedicated Conjure Blight cast menu, downside is that they will not go into the Spell Level menus but together with the other "Modal" menus (see Blood Sacrifice above). The original (randomized) Conjure Blight spells will remain in the Spell Level menus, but I guess that is not an issue.

I did a small test of the "medium" Conjure Blight spell, you can check it out here: _blight_selection.zip
(Use AddAbility console command to get the abilities - they are named Conjure_Blight_[variant], e.g. Conjure_Blight_Flame)

I'm sure it's not without issues, but hopefully a good starting point!

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