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So I got thinking. Game has limited amount of content(known amount of checks, reliable quest results) so in theory it should be possible to run a "perfect" character - one that hit all stat and skill checks, collect as much dialog choices as possible, be able to finish all quests in best(for himself) way possible and wear objectively best equipment in game. So question is - how would this character look like?

Thinking about and checking wiki I think I got some points but would be nice to hear if I missed something

"best" class would be priest of Eothas or Skaen OR Cipher. Cipher hit less dialogs but can finish few quests faster and have additional ways in them. Also have no reputation dependancy. Skaen I think has more checks then Eothas but I think Eothas has more story related checks

"Best" weapons would probably be stilettos or daggers dew to flick of the wrist feat so probably dualwielding is way to go but there is some very very nice shield though

RES should be at least 19 i think(resolve check in Guilded Veil, assuming beating Temple of Eothas prior to windmill quest... but it will hurt), around 18 int, 16 PER and 14 MIG. Highter check comes after resting becomes available I think and almost all CON and DEX checks can be moved to companions(and one that can't does not provide best quest resolution

SKills are Lore and Survival, don't think any other appear anywhere, where you can't send in Eder or someone else

Races looks relatively equal in term of dialogs. Orlan has most checks but it generally just so you can stop someone from ****ting on Orlans... Or am I missing something

Is it correct or I am forgetting some points?

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