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Item-bestowed effects and how they show up in the combat log

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I've recently published a mod that ports a few items from Pillars of Eternity to Deadfire.


One such item is the Glittering Gauntlets, that bestow the Dazed affliction upon scoring or receiving a Critical Hit.

The item works perfectly fine in-game, except the ability never shows up in the combat log (although it does appear correctly on the list of afflictions the target is suffering when hovering the mouse cursor over the target.) I tried to look at the code and I can't see anything that would prevent a message from appearing in the combat log when a Critical Hit is received or scored (e.g. "...and hits with additional effects (Dazed for x.x seconds.")


On the same mod page I've also made available a fixed version of the Binding Rope from @MaxQuest's Spoils of Caed Nua mod. It works and it does show in the combat log, but weirdly so: It says something like "affects target with Binding (Binding Rope) (Binding (Binding Rope) for x.x seconds.)" It should say "affects target with Binding (Binding Rope) (Immobilized for x.x seconds.) Again, everything appears to be in order in the files, so I'm not sure what gives.

It's just cosmetic issues, but any help would be appreciated.

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My Deadfire mods: Brilliant Mod | Faster Deadfire | Deadfire Unnerfed | Helwalker Rekke | Permanent Per-Rest Bonuses | PoE Items for Deadfire | No Recyled Icons | Soul Charged Nautilus


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There are a few simple reasons these issues may be happening, but you probably didn't code them wrong so I don't know if they would be applicable.  If you chose to hide it from the gui or if it's an effect from multiple layers of linked effects, then it won't show up.  If the effect isn't applied directly from a hit, but from linked effects connected to it, then it might not show in the combat log.  

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