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Remove Recycle Penalty (Until full game release)

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We have already seen once, that the map itself, not just objects will be altered over the course of development. I think that the recycle penalty should be removed until the game is fully launched. As it is right now, if you recycle an object, you lose a portion of the materials it took to initially build that object (about half). This isn't new to survival/builder games, & I like the feature. But since it is in game preview, & the map is going to change over time, the feature is a bit broken at the players expense. The last big map change left my base floating in the air. Had to scrap everything and rebuild. But lost half of everything, thanks to the recycle penalty. And don't get me wrong, I plan & intend to build & re-build plenty of bases over the life of this game. It's just a bummer to know something you work hard on can get destroyed by an update, and then the game penalizes you for trying to fix it. Players enjoying playing during game preview are the dedicated players, the recycle penalty seems a bit like a punishment to those dedicated players rather than a feature to the survival/builder game - since we will likely have this happen to us a few times before the map is finalized.

Alternatively, a "Store Object" or "Move Object" feature could be added, and would be preferred. But I think it would be simpler to just "turn off" the penalty rather than try to implement a new feature, at least for now.

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