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Grass Wall tops no longer cut when sandwiched with stairs&weedwalls

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This link has images that show two instances where the Grass wall top crenellation does not properly cut/clip off at the top any longer when sandwiched between two floors, nor does it cut/clip off when sandwiched between stairs and floors. These are just blueprints, but left that way for clarity on seeing them. Even when built the top crenellations stay there and don't get clipped off. It's also difficult to see, but in the picture where the grass wall isn't clipped off with the stairs, the grass wall to the right does have the crenellations still there, and clipping up into the weed stem wall above it. (Weed stem wall was built above it first with support from the stairs they are attached to on the other side, then grass wall was placed+built below it after). 

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