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Help with two hopefully very simple problems: How to increase power level of abilities while invisible and how to change the class descriptions.

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Hello, I am very new to modding and would appreciate some guidance:


I have the intention of giving a class a passive trait that increases the power level and/or increases "Hit to Crit" only while the character is invisible. No matter the source. So I don't want a spell to do that, I want a generic passive trait.

I have figured out that I might need to do something to "StatusEffectType" to get those effects but cannot figure out how to apply that exclusively while the character is invisible (note that it is INVISIBLE, and not applied while STEALTHED). Alternatively, I could also consider a DEBUFF while visible and the removal of that debuff when invisible, but for that I need to know if I can set "PowerLevel" to a negative Value.


And secondly, I would like to change the class description to reflect the achieved effect after I've done the changes.


Thank you all for the support.

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I've made tutorials on how to change abilities, but the bad news is that there is no status for invisible.  You'd have to add a custom keyword named "Invisible" or something and add it to each status effect that creates the invisibility effect (which usually is a material replacement effect).  Then you'd make a passive ability that is activated while the character has that status effect, or has that keyword, and deactivated when the reverse is true.  That would be done via a "conditional" which is done similarly in many other abilities.

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