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if you die and pick up the items from your backpack all the previous sorting is gone

i understand that this may be some kind of realism thing but at some point it is just annoying and chips away at the fun of the game

having to go through your stuff in your inventory and sorting it again in the way you like to have it sorted doesn't do any good to the game, it just takes time that could be spent having fun


please fix

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i see no problem with this.  You die, your backpack falls, messing your stuff up.  Also if you have food items then the ants will root through it too, further messing up your stuff.  I don't think this needs changed, it's more immersive as it is now.


Xbox One X

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well, you are right with all you said

still, it starts to get annoying and from my point of view takes fun out of the game

also when i loose my backpack in real life and i find it again all the stuff in it ís still where it was when i lost it

how about this: if you die and loose your backpack and it does not get found by ants (or in future updates maybe by other bugs as well) it stays the way it was when lost, in case it gets found by ants looking for food then and only then do the contents get messed around

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I think it's completely unintended and a reflection of how the code actually works for the backpack ... 
items have a certain order in the codebase ... and they are in this order in the backpack ..
if you notice when you pickup your bag ..
things are NOT in the order that YOU put them in ... but
They are Always in the same order, when you pick up the bag. 

That order may seem to make no sense to us .... but as they are always the same, there is an obvious progression to it.
Likely it's based on the Item ID# in the code, and not some intentional jumbling of the items in your pack just to annoy you.

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