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Zip Line: Improvements and Burgle Upgrades

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  1. A zip line version that can be attached to a stem scaffold - This will allows us to easily adjust the a height of the zipline, attach a network of ziplines into one centralized node with less clutter and it looks structurally sound with longer ziplines. I think this can be done by just resizing the existing zip line mount and adding snapping points to it.
  2. Since we cannot move stuff yet in the game, I think we need to be able to check first if we can connect the zipline nodes together without constructing it (still in blueprint mode). 

Burgle Upgrades:

  1. Motorized Pulley System - I know later in the game electricity will be introduced and this will lead to other upgrades.
  2. Transport Pulley - Allows us to transport items in bulk (including us :D).
  3. Elevator - Why not?

Currently I am happy with the addition of ziplines into the game. I recently also learned that you can use the ziplines while holding planks which at first I thought was not possible because you need two hands to use the zipline. But I really think that the list of improvements is a must to make base building more fun.

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