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I'm having a struggle gathering dandelions for my base. Had a couple questions. 1) Do we leave the stump like with grass now or not? 2) How long does it take for a dandelion to respawn? 


So far, I've cut down this dandelion on day 0, and left the stump there. It is now day 6, and it has not regrown. 


So then i cut out the stumps i left behind. It is now day 12 and no dandelions have regrown. Thats six days with stumps and six days without, and no dandelions came back. What am i doing wrong here?

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54 minutes ago, McSquirl Nugget said:

mine regrow on day 3 i think it is.  i cut the stumps down also, haven't had any issues with them growing back after 3.1 patch.

Well i tried six days with and six days without the stumps and got a big nothing. Im on xbox one.

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