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Playing a wizard in the Switch version of Pillars I and I don't understand the combat mechanics at all. I have been playing on, but using the AI scripts. I would like to learn how to play without them. Here is the problem: When the game is paused, and I'll aim a spell like the one that makes the ground slippery or the one that lays out a sharp and dangerous ice, and then unpause.

And then the rats or whatever rush forward and bite me, and then I unleash the spell… at the area the rats just left. Not fun. What are some best practices to play this game? Everything I try do just whiffs and misses.

Also to what extent does people use AI scripts? Why / why not?

The only similar game I've played is DQIX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and there I enjoyed the AI scripts, switching between them for various situations, switching off when I needed more control etc. But here since I don't have any success at all with the core mechanics of the game, I don't dare switch them off.

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Ususally you use a so-called tank or a line of sturdy front liners to bind enemies in melee. You can stay in stealth until all enemies engaged with your frontliner(s). That way the enemies won't be motivated to rush to you (the frail wizard). Then you can target/hit the enemies around your tank/frontliners reliably. Usually enemies won't break engagement to run around then, but it happens. 

Of course casting a CC spell from stealth is another way. For example cast Binding Web on the enemies from stealth. They can't move then and it's easier to hit them the way you want to.

A third option is to use choke points. A doorway, a narrow path in the wilderness and so on. Block the choke point with a sturdy frontliner and all enemies with gather before him. Then cast your stuff on them. 

By the way: the best lvl-1 spell for wizards is Chillfog. Makes the game a lot easier. But it is crucial to control enemy movement in one of the ways above, else it's not very effective. 

I don't use AI. But I'm on PC, so it's less of a hassle to micromanage every party member I guess.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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