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Framerate Drop while using in-game menus.

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I'm playing on GamePass for PC, and downloaded yesterday's Nvidia drivers (456.55). I noticed that when using the analyzers, inventory, crafting, etc., there is a significant framerate drop compared to normal gameplay. It even affects the character selection screen, but does not affect the menus accessed by hitting Escape (saves, options, etc.). Is anybody else experiencing this?

I have a Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 2070S, and 32GB RAM. Stellar framerate, otherwise. I've tried altering all relevant display options. I also rolled back to the drivers I was using earlier in the week. No change.

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Same issue as above but framerate also completely tanks for me when using the hot pouch. It's almost impossible to switch weapons during fights without taking damage. 

The other issue I am having is the framerate in general has taken a considerable hit. Before the update I got a solid 60fps at 1440p epic with blur. Now I'm lucky to get just a consistent framerate, let alone 60fps. It's very frustrating because I like the game but this is ruining the experience.

Core i9 9900k / RTX 2070 / 32 GB RAM

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Same for me on Windows Store version, GTX 1060 playing at High @ 1080p (I have 4K display).

After 0.3.0, I see drop in FPS as well as very slow dialogs. It seems to be connected to that UE4 update. And dialogs render at full native resolution, which wasn't the case prior to 0.3.0.

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