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BUG: 'Unknown' biome after completing Jungle Temple BURG.L quest


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Hi guys 😄 Bug report for you, This one has a save file example and screenshots.


After completing the Jungle Temple BURG.L quest and pulling the lever to divert power, leaving the laboratory and saving results in an Unknown biome being displayed. The music remains that of the hedge laboratory theme (the dark, spooky theme for here and Oak laboratory). Oddly enough, returning to the laboratory results in 'Secret Lab' reappearing as the biome name for your save, but trying to leave the hedge again results in the same issue.

Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

- Load up included save file
- Exit the lab a little ways. Walk around on the branches a bit or fall to the ground.
- Make a save game. When far enough from the hedge, Unknown will appear.

(ID-79FEBD564CF929BE2558CAAC3D2F98F1)(AUTOSAVE-2).zip DxDiag.txt

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Additional information:

Going back to the lab causes the Hedge biome and music to play. However on exiting the lab, once again the biome is registered as Unknown when trying to save.

Steps to reproduce:
- Completely exit the laboratory and drop to the floor.
- Climb up the hedge the original way and zipline into the laboratory.
- The Hedge music now plays, not the Secret Lab music. Attempting to save here will give 'Hedge' as the biome.
- Walk outside the hedge lab onto some branches and stay relatively close. The Secret Lab music now plays, and attempting to save here will give 'Secret Lab' biome.
- Go back into the hedge lab. The Hedge music now plays again.
-  Walk down the regular exit route to the lab, come out to where the fungus leads you down to the ground level
- The Secret Lab music now plays. Attempting to save here will give the 'Unknown' biome.

I think what is happening here is that somewhere in the lab, the game is messing up on the boundary between what is considered Hedge and what is considered Secret Lab, eventually reversing the two biome allocations. But then after exiting and dropping, it doesn't register any biome since all biome allocations are now out of whack.

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