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Suggestions for changes in 0.3


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So far loving the 0.3 changes, very very awesome stuff!

So first off, I think in the hedge area we need more harvestable foliage and resources. I see some pebblets under there and a tiny amount of plant fibers, but we could for example harvest some of the leaves that are there for additional fibers, and there could be fallen weed debris that could be harvested with a T2 axe for stems. Lots of junk gets brushed under hedges over time so makes sense to have less barren spots. Add more spiders on the ground and perhaps a wolf spider den down there in a cavern type place. Currently it's all about the lab and the BURG.L chip, after that the only reason I ever return is for berry leather and that may be only one extra time.

Berry chunks should be able to be consumed to restore a medium amount of hunger and a small amount of thirst. Currently their only use is the berry leather and hedge lord smoothies, but makes perfect sense you could eat them.

Love the web sacs. Those are a really awesome addition, and I like the game of chance. Perhaps make some of them give a chance for a 'wolf spider jr' to come out as well as spiderlings, or maybe find a dead worker ant or gnat or mite inside one instead of just having the parts in a sack.

Durability of the spider fang dagger seems really low. Perhaps raise by 50% since it breaks real fast and requires 3 quartzite to repair, not 2.

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