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How to Report a Bug


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Before posting:

Please do a quick search of our forums to make sure what you have found has not already been reported. If it has, please add your information to that thread. If it has not already been reported, please make a new thread to share what you have found.

It is important that you search for reported issues FIRST before making a new thread, as this helps us keep better track of what is being reported and how many players are being affected.


Describe the issue that is occurring.

Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

List the steps of how to make the issue happen.

Important Files:

If the files are too large to attach separately, compile them all in a .zip and make a link to Dropbox with the .zip or email us at support@obsidian.net along with your user name and a link to your post so we can quickly find the post.

Attach files that will help the dev team figure out and resolve the issue. These include:

Save Game File

Try to include a save file from right before as well as during the issue you are reporting

Steam Location: C:\Users[USERNAME]\Saved Games\Grounded

System Specs

This will give us most of your computer specs to help us diagnose the problem

Windows Location: Press (windowkey + R), Type "dxdiag" and press Enter, Click "Save All Information", Attach the file that you create

Please note: There is a lot of information in this file about your computer, including its name, and possibly your username on the computer. Please feel free to open and review the file and delete anything you may be uncomfortable with sharing with us.



Attach any pictures or links to pictures that can help us understand the issue


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