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I've been playing Grounded for quite a bit now and I'm loving it. I enjoy the hunting/ gathering aspects of this game and slowly building a cool base. One thing I thought of to make dusk/ night time exploration more eventful would be to add Crickets to hunt. They act like ladybugs only instead of specializing on defense, Crickets will run/ jump away making them harder to catch, (fitting for a night time opponent). Based on what I understand, enemies use a flat nav surface to move around the game world, if jumping long distances were to work right then maybe the cricket could have a choice of  jump point destinations that it will leap to in it's area. That would help avoid odd destination glitches that could arise from a jumping target.

Cricket armor could give you a jump boost and reduce fall damage when collecting the full set.

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2 minutes ago, McSquirl Nugget said:

i posted a suggestion for grasshoppers, crickets are generally smaller though might be better for the game :)

Oh neat, I'll look for that comment. I'd love to compare and see what other ideas/ uses people have come up with for these bugs.

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