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Not getting what night mode is all about?

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I'm 30 in game days now and I'm not really seeing what the difference in game play is at night.

Sure your distance view is diminished and without a torch it gets spooky, but my ground level base is not attacked and I'm not seeing an increase in insect aggression or frequency. 

What am I missing here? 

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Thanks Todd, I guess I've been lucky enough not to run into the wolfies at night so far. 

I'm pretty sure too that there is more to come for night. In a write up I found, it stated different creatures would come out at night. 

I hope that's the cue for fireflies, moths, roaches and slugs and stuff 

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18 hours ago, Todd Estabrook said:

At night I've seen an increase in wolf spider activity: wandering and hunting.  That's really the only thing I've noticed as far as insect activity goes.  Maybe the differences between day and night will increase as the game matures.

Exactly this.  Wolf Spiders are nocturnal, and they'll be introducing more nocturnal insects in the near future.


Xbox One X

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