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Idea for a weapon design

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Recently I’ve thought up of a new weapon type and it’s like a mini tazer staff. I noticed how the extension cord doesn’t do anything but there is a small part in the ground near the house if there was a small cut in the wire maybe you could harvest it for small wire filings! And at the hidden bases throughout the map u can find small batteries to switch out it’s a two hand held staff Any other ideas ?!? If y’all are seeing this I think it would be a pretty cool addition!!2375CBA0-B60B-4B21-9626-44C090A47D88.jpeg.39389186daa75c1aab63e93b134ef1ef.jpeg

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I can see room for this being in the same two-handed weapon class as the ant club (tier 3) or even adapted to a cattle prod-like tier 3 spear. I have seen mention of them trying to incorporate power into our bases etc so its definitely a viable option for advanced weapons in later updates. 

I imagine a weapon like this could warrant a maxed stun 🤣. I personally wouldn't like it to cook the meat of smaller creatures though as I prefer to make jerky.

However, instead of having to find batteries in order to recharge it, I think they should just be a component to make it. Charging could be achieved through charge packs or something similar (using electricity from an available source to fill a crafted container), just so you are essentially still crafting a repair tool. 


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I like the idea, nice pic and draw up also :)

I don't think it would have a place in the game though.  You'd get a stun and then put it away and beat them with other weapons.  rinse repeat if they live long enough to get out of the stun.  I think it would make the game too easy mode.  Stun, smack, stun, smack, dead.  that'd be boring.

I also prefer to make jerky from the bug meat, i'd rather not have this if it cooks the meat for us either.


Xbox One X

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