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mild multiplay Question.

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I choice MILD level on Multiplay.

but, start lobby it changed Medium automatically.

is Medium ( MILD in Multi ) the same level of difficulty as the existing Medium level ?


I mean, MILD (auto changed Medium) Is there a difference between and the Normal medium ?


Someone said there is a difference between the changed medium(MILD in Multi) and the Normal medium, so I ask

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On 9/2/2020 at 3:52 AM, Ksandra McKay said:

Mine does the same but when I saved the game it saved as mild so I think med is just the default it appears as in the lobby or there is a glitch that causes it to appear as med in the lobby. Tested it by whacking the hub with my ax, no damage so mild it is. hehe


Mine oddly changes back and forth during gameplay sometimes I mint mallet my friend to the back of the head and sometimes you can swing away without any worries. Gas arrows tend to destroy your teamates every time though. 

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