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Video Driver Crash and Reset

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Randomly as I play, and quite frequently when I am inside the game menu Grounded will crash saying that my Video Driver has crashed and reset and to please make sure my Video Driver is up to date. I have checked and my driver is up to date. This issue has started occurring directly after the 0.2.0 update went live and it didn't happen before this update.

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This is a known issue with radeon r9 series vid cards. It is so bad for me that it completely crashed my vid card and I had to hard restart my comp. Won't be playing until it is fixed as that hard a crash can't be good for my machine.

I really like the game so hoping this is a top priority issue they are working diligently to fix.

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I initially had this issue as well. It was more prevolent when around multiple light sources (sconces, fireplace, etc.). Since updating my drivers and to the latest game update this has stopped...for now. (Radeon 5700tx 8gig)

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7 hours ago, Ksandra McKay said:

My hubby seeing how bummed I was I couldn't play the game bought it for me on steam as an early b'day gift. The steam version you can force to run dx11 instead of dx12 which fixes the crashing issue. No such ability with game pass.


You're correct, Obsidian has determined the  issue is with Direct X12 which happens to affect AMD Gpus more than Nvidia Gpus. They are still investigating why this is happening in the first place. 

Since you're obligated to use Direct X12 you may have the option on windows to downgrade to Direct X11. But before going that far make sure your PC drivers are all up to date. By this I would include bios for motherboard, cpu, gpu, etc. 

I have yet to experience this since updating my gpu drivers, yet the issues with Direct X12 still exist and are not resolved. 

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