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A in menu UI button to cancel all "placed/planned" blueprints

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I have ran into a problem in which I have accidentally placed a blueprint in a space in which I could not reach it to delete it manually and now it shows up in my construction "chopping list" UI that I still have left over materials to gather. I know it's a minor issue that wouldn't be a top priority but it would be nice that somewhere either in the actual menu or UI wheel to have an option to cancel all placed blueprints, or a hold button (x) to clear all chopping list items, for getting rid of randomly placed blueprints that a character has forgot where they placed it or is unable to reach manually.

Thank you guys for all your hard work and wonderful game so far!

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good idea,  or maybe a timer that removes them it they haven't had material added for x amount of time.

I'd like to see that for the bugged blueprints also,  where you add a couple pieces then go out to harvest more stuff for it and come back and your game crashes trying to finish the build, or when you cancel the blueprint.



Xbox One X

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