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save data deleted

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Assuming same issue.... I can load a save and all items in my inventory are still there, but all structures and game progress appears to be deleted. sucks, really was enjoying but I won't put anymore time in to do all of that over again. 

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At times this can be due to the cloud saves not syncing correctly. If you're on Xbox and using cloud saves the only workaround is to reinstall the game unfortunately. Once it's installed it will attempt to sync again from the cloud. This has happened to me with other games and reinstalling fixed the issue. Perhaps this may work for you? 

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Hi at all, sorry for my bad English (google traslate)

I play on Xbox one X
I re-installed the game but the problem remains.
auto-saves don't start and get stuck on loading.
there is  need now a solution right away you can't waste hours and hours of gaming so it's very frustrating.

the only thing and to resume from the rescue of Monday 24 but
I have a question if I resume the game from day 24 and save then the save remains correct?


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that sucks,  i feel sorry for you all.

rule of thumb i've always used (not that it will help now but a good idea for the future) always save and quit the game when you exit, especially if you like to use the "hot start" feature with Xbox, where you turn the console on and pick up the game where you left it last.

Doing that hot start (or whatever the real term for it is) keeps game data in a cache file and that can become corrupt.  I suspect that's what happened with your saves, as i always exit the game fully when i'm done. and so far (knock on wood) have had no issues with my saves.

To fully quit the game, save it!  Then hit the xbox button, move down to the game in the list, hit the hamburger button, then go to quit.

Again i know this won't help now, and sorry you guys lost all those hours of playing, but maybe doing this will prevent that from happening again.  


Xbox One X

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My saves on Multiplayer Game are disappeared since the new patch 0.2, the saves displaying to me are from many days ago (August 13th) and when I get in these old saves it shows that everything, including buildings, mission progress, tutorials and plans, has been restarted.

The last time I played in my save was on August 26th, before the update came out, I was renovating my base.  I hadn't been able to save the game since August 13th, so I always expected automatic saves. The last automatic save I had was at 4:06 PM on August 26th.


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i have done all prove, but haven't resolved my issue.

I have recovered from the last date valid save (24 august) and the new autosave and new my save everything works fine. 

Sorry for my english (google traslate)

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Whether this helps anybody thats on xbox n having loss of saves in game,

i had this happen to me b4 patch n logged into game to find 0 saves , it showed blank nout to load .

So i exited game , reloaded n still same wether in multi or singleplayer it showed 0 saves to load

So i exited the game again,

i put my curser over the tab for the game n pressed select in n scrolled down to "manage game and addons"

Then selected game saves n pressed on the save file with my gamer tag on 

It cameup with a popup screen to delete from console or everywhere. 


I reloaded the game up and it did a DOWNLOAD fromCLOUD and i got all my saves back for within the game



For those on PC could try similer method of forcing a download from CLOUD to get ingame saves back

The end of day this method worked for me, good luck to you all

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