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suggestions: caravans and helpers

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I saw a youtuber suggesting that we should be able to move stuff after building them and I am sure
that it will be a feature in the future patches. So I am assuming that we will be able to actually move our storage chests from one place to another. It will be really cool if we can train ladybugs to be able to carry these chests and serve as a caravan that we can travel around and sleep with stuff that we need. This can also be a way to help us move items from camp to camp and be vigilant of what might ambush us on the way. Multiple lady bugs would be nice and the more we have the more bugs will be attacking us as we traverse the backyard. 

Since we are able to gather ant eggs and actually force them to hatch by just dropping them, there should be a way for us to train them and help us gather stuff on the ground. We can assign these ants to a certain type of container and start gathering stuff that we got lazy to pick up because we are too busy chopping grass planks for our bases, bug parts lying on the ground killed by another bug and arrows that we can no longer see because we died before picking them up. This will also help reduce lag in the game if there is too much stuff on the ground. These ants can also help us pick up the grass planks, clay and other future building materials and bring them back to the storage they are assigned to.

I like playing survival games from the start again to actually feel survival aspect of it. Having these two features will encourage me more to start all over again since I do not have to worry about the daunting number of materials I have to gather to make my base on a new location. This will also give me a reason to make large bases to house my trained insects because having a large base does not make any sense to me if its function is only for sleeping and storing stuff.


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In the interview thread the lead dev said they're not looking at taming anytime soon.   

This game isn't meant to be played starting over repeatedly.  most of us like to start 1 game and continue playing and building rather than redoing the same thing over and over and over by restarting all the time.

So i gotta vote no to all this.

Except moving items.  I made a post on that already.


Xbox One X

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You will always have the choice if you want to restart the game or not. But since the game has a story line, I would love to start from scratch again after sometime just to see the other  details that I missed on the first run. I plan to restart again when the major patch to have a better experience of the story. You only need a small base tbh for you to play and finish the game. One mushroom farm and one sap dew collector is more than enough for you to survive the game.

I have played some of the Obsidian games like Icewind dale and neverwinter nights 2.  Both of those games lets you have multiple allies and that is why I really liked it. But the tamable creatures that I am only suggesting are the ladybug and ant workers to simply assist us on base building and moving stuff plus clearing up the clutter as you will miss a lot of stuff on the ground. Currently the game does not have a decay timer on the items lying on the ground and I just added that feature with the tamable worker ants just to keep things cohesive with the game's concept. 

These tamable helpers are actually more of an endgame thing when you finished the story line. They will help you a lot if you are making multiple bases to gather materials on different biomes. Some people may not like having allies but I think having them is better than nothing. Just think of it as a class system that gives you the option to chose how you would like to play the game. The more options you have to longer you will be playing the game.

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