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Multiplayer Hosting Bugged

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Here Is The Issue. 

Whenever I Try And Host A Game For Multiplayer It Goes Fine Until I Get To The Loading Screen. First The Bottom Left Loading Dots Freeze.. Then The Music Cuts Off. I Have Tried Multiple Times Yesterday. I Tried A Different Save. But Idk What Is Going On. I Want To Show People What I've Made Etc. But This Has Not Only Made It Difficult But Impossible.

Ps: Single Player Works Fine.

Thank You For Listening If Anyone Can Help With This Issue Or Fix It I Would Be Very Thankful. Keep Playing Grounded. 💚

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First off: would help if you state what on. PC? Xbox?

If on PC - are you 'tabbing out' during load? Most games have issues if you do this. 


Thirdly- are your 'lights' all on?  Lights have problems with loading and such, too many in one area (your base too well lit) tend to cause issues, especially during the loading process. You might try going in single player, and snuffing them all.


Also.. today was patch, so maybe it will be ok now?

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